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Diner en Blanc 101 - What to Wear and What to Bring

Diner en Blanc is an event like no other, it does take a little bit of planning and preparation but it pays off in spades, making for an amazing night!
For first time guests getting prepared can seem a little complicated, but fear not, read on to find out exactly what you need to wear and what to bring.


White! White! White! Everything EN BLANC!

Originality and creativity are encouraged, as long as it’s stylish and tasteful.

All-white means no ivory, no cream, and no eggshell.

The only accepted splash of color: Silver or gold for accessories.

Ladies: Elegant white ensemble

Gentlemen: White dress shirt and pants

Think elegance. Think très chic!

Recommended Attire

White Hats

White Jackets

White Shoes

White Masks & Gloves

White trolleys, picnic baskets (may be covered in white fabric)

Prohibited Attire

T-shirts and tank-tops: Prohibited!

Shorts and Bermuda shorts: Prohibited!

Sport shoes and flip-flops: Prohibited!

Baseball caps: Prohibited!



Must-Bring Items

1 x square folding table (between 70 x 70cm and 90 x 90cm) and 2 white folding chairs

1 x picnic basket or hamper to carry your belongings

Print-outs of your electronic confirmations (online registration and e-store receipts)

1 form of ID for each person (guests must be of legal drinking age)

Picnic Basket Contents

1 white tablecloth and 2 white cloth napkins

2 white plates (non-disposable; no plastic!)

2 sets of cutlery (no plastic)

2 glasses (must be melamine or good quality plastic)

1 complete meal for two

1 garbage bag

1 lighter (to light the sparklers)


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